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Transferts LR

About Transferts LR

Transferts LR is a company that makes technology transfers safer. Besides that, the company promotes the innovations in matters of these transfers. Transferts LR was launched in 2005. The company is sponsored by State and European funding. It has 25 full-time employees, including 15 experts in domains like:

  1. ITC/Multimedia
  2. Agronomy/Food
  3. Environment
  4. Industrial Automation
  5. Mechanics
  6. Health/Biotechnology


How does Transferts LR work?

The greatest European information networks include Transferts LR, too. If a company needs support and advice in technology transfer, European Union issues, or small and medium enterprises (SME) problems, it will contact Transferts LR. By working with this company, people decrease threats from the competitive market. The essential information that needs to be remembered is that using Transferts LR's services is free of charge. The experts from Transferts LR make the connections, find partners, and come up with various plans for their clients. In other words, Transferts LR helps lead companies to success for free thanks to its technological and the institutional culture. Around 40 countries can benefit from this organization's services. While 27 of them are EU member states, members of the European Economic Area (EEA), there are three EU candidate countries (Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey), and others.


What can you expect from Transferts LR?

Transferts LR will make sure a company benefits from European funding and get the best partnerships possible. The organization offers support on:

  • Joint Venture Agreements and Manufacturing Agreements
  • License agreements and Technical Cooperation
  • Commercial Agreements with Technical Assistance


Transferts LR – Research's world

Public Research in Languedoc-Roussillon is famous for its experts. All the information is accessed after a thorough research in laboratories by the specialists at Transferts LR. France has lots of great research centers, and The Languedoc Roussillon is the third one. It includes about 5,000 researchers, 400 public laboratories, five universities, 11 higher education sites and 9,000 students.


Partnership with SameDayLoans365

SameDayLoans365.Org is an US loans lender, focused on same day online loans. The company invests a lot in making technology safe and keeping its customers' data out of reach of the unauthorized parties. SameDayLoans365 team includes experts in technology transfer. That is why the American company has accepted Transferts LR's invitation to work together on making technology transfer safer for all the involved parties. Exchanging experience between the two entities will bring meaningful results in this domain and make the online environment safer.